NoVA NORML October Chapter Meeting

We had a truly tremendous meeting on Oct. 13. Lots of meaty, semi-wonky talk about politics and the political process, courtesy guests Del. Patrick Hope (whose last name describes what he gives our cause here in Virginia) and Tom, the knowledgeable staffer of Candidate for Delegate Paul Krizek.NoVaNORMLmtg_2015-10_(4).jpg

Both of them informed that we have more support for our issue in Richmond than we realize - albeit still not enough. It was recommended to us that we put our time, energy and money into those races we can do the most about affecting - and most of all, we need to VOTE! (Tues., Nov. 3.)

There was much discussion about one legislator in particular, Mr. Bryce Reeves of the 17th District.  He's staunchly against any mode of cannabis reform at all, even medicinal, and he is openly contemptuous of our plight and even ourselves.  (Read about our fellow activist Kim Sadler of Culpeper NORML about her recent experience with his rude cold shoulder.)  While Mr. Reeves is fairly safe in his ultra-red district, Mr. Hope suggested to us that we mount a Twitter campaign to (politely!) inform him (@ReevesVA) of how out-of-step he is with an increasing majority of Virginia citizens.  (Voters reading this from the 17th District, please start your tweeters!)

Furthermore, we were reminded that we have both Democrats and Republicans on our side in Richmond, even if some of them are being quiet about it.  That can change, however, if we activists are loud enough.  Mr. Hope stressed that reform absolutely is possible here in Virginia in the coming years, but only if we keep pushing for it.

It was a genuinely good, highly useful meeting.  We had a great turnout for a new location, and the meeting we have planned for November 10 should be a bit more fun-like, with more focus on effective activism and eventual industry.

Wanna see some pics?...

Check out a few pics by Duke, NoVA NORML's unofficial official photographer...