Getting Through to Bryce Reeves

On the night of the Culpeper County candidate forum, I listened to all who came on stage to discuss the issues. Afterward, I first went up to Nick Freitas (House District 30 candidate) who I saw at the GOP pig roast and was very impressed. He was very warm towards me and very understanding. I explained to him I really appreciated his hard work in the military and have a great respect for him. Then I spoke with him about medical marijuana reform. I explained to him my situation with pharmaceutical drugs and what it did to me personally and how it could help millions of people.

I then went up to Bryce Reeves (District 17), who currently represents me in the Senate. The look on his face made clear that he wasn't happy to see me. I had no intent on speaking to him about marijuana law reform -- I wanted to talk to him about his political views and policies because I had never heard him speak nor have I ever met him before. He turned his back to me for a good 3 minutes but I patiently waited to tell him I stand with him for his conservative values, however, that backfired. He looked at me like I was a criminal because I wore my marijuana leaf lapel pin. Or that's my guess. I finally said, "Senator Reeves, it's a pleasure to meet you." He looked at me and said, “I don't have time for you, you people have been badgering me" and walked away.  I then loudly replied, "Mr. Reeves, I am a Republican voter and you just lost my vote." People got very quiet around me and said what a rude man he was.

Kim Sadler
Director, Culpeper County NORML