Reports on Marijuana Prohibition Spending in Virginia 

Cato Institute reports Virginia spent $81.2M enforcing marijuana prohibition in 2016


Virginia Crime Data Shows Surge in Marijuana Arrests

Crime in Virginia 2017 report shows 20% increase in marijuana arrests from 21,637in 2016 to 27,852 in 2017


Racial Disparity in Marijuana Enforcement in Virginia 3:1

Marijuana Arrests by Locality 2010-2016, VCU Capital News Service
Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests 2003-2013, Drug Policy Alliance


Polling shows Virginians overwhelmingly support marijuana policy reform, including regulating adult-use, decriminalizing personal possession to fines not crimes, and doctor-recommended medical marijuana:


CNU  February 2018

76% support decriminalization


Quinnipiac  April 2017

59% legalized adult-use


Quinnipiac  February 2017

93% support doctor-recommend medical cannabis
71% support states setting marijuana policy without federal interference
59% support legalized adult-use


Gallup  October 2016

60% support legalized adult-use


VCU  January 2016

78% support decriminalization
62% support legalized adult-use


Quinnipiac  April 2015

86% support doctor-recommend medical cannabis
54% support legalized adult-use