Marijuana legalization is not inevitable. These sort of societal and legal changes only occur when advocates are passionate and vigilant. The following companies are financially assisting in Virginia NORML's longstanding reform efforts. To find out how your business can support Virginia NORML, contact 




Kulture opened in 1999, has 3 locations in Virginia and an online store. You can find any one of a kind and custom waterpipes and headpieces. You'll find 4.0 Glass, Toro, Mobius Glassworks, ROOR, Sovereignty Glass, SYN, Illadelph, TCT, Elevate, Migrant Glass, Primal Glass, and HVY. Sometimes you can even find original JBD's and Chong's. Kulture is the largest supplier of Chameleon brand glass hand pipes on the East Coast. We also provide a large selection of glass by area blowers such as AKM, ETR, G-Check, Egon, Rooster, Becky, Dickie, E-jipt, Glass Munky, among others. You'll also find hookahs, over 30 flavors of shisha tobacco, 100 types of incense and a large selection of other smoking accessories. Come in and check out the headcase, where you'll find pieces from some of the best glassblowers in the game. Including Ghost, Salt, JAG, Pakoh, Freeek, Slinger, Chris Carlson, Mike Fro, Cowboy, El Hefe and many more. Kulture also carries lots of exclusive tee shirts you'll only find at Kulture. That's because they design many of them themselves!


The Law Office of Christopher Leibig primarily represents people facing serious criminal offenses throught Virginia. The firm also has a particular interest in helping people charged with all levels of marijuana offenses.


In order to register for Virginia’s medical cannabis program, you must first obtain your written certification, and that’s where My Anti-Aging MD comes in. If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression or another condition, you may find the relief you’ve been looking for with medical cannabis oil. Schedule your appointment with our doctor for your medical cannabis written certification today!