Marijuana legalization is not inevitable. These sort of societal and legal changes only occur when advocates are passionate and vigilant. The following companies and individuals are financially assisting in Virginia NORML's longstanding reform efforts. To find out how your business can support Virginia NORML, contact




The Law Office of Christopher Leibig

The Law Office of Christopher Leibig primarily represents people facing serious criminal offenses throught Virginia. The firm also has a particular interest in helping people charged with all levels of marijuana offenses.


Medical Wellness Center of Virginia

NOW Serving the HAMPTON ROADS! Area a premier full service center for Virginia residents to obtain a Patient Medical Cannabis Certification and Registration with the state of Virginia. To schedule your appointment, please click here, call 757-985-0842, or email


Virginia Medical Marijuana Doctors

We offer the very best customer service to provide you with a Virginia Medical Cannabis Certification with a guaranteed appointment time within 24-72 hours.  If you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia or any other conditions helped by medical cannabis, we are here to help! Click here to schedule your appointment or call 703-866-4144.


Dr. John’s Best Health

We provide Medical Cannabis Certification to people above the age of 25 years, with qualifying medical conditions such as: Chronic pain; Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting; Spasticity as seen in Multiple Sclerosis; Insomnia; and pain due to muscle, joint, nerve and spine conditions. Call 703-597-4804 to schedule your appointment or click here to request an appointment.