Marijuana-related legislation in the 2023 Virginia General Assembly Session


How to use this tracker:


This page will assist you in tracking, understanding, and taking action on cannabis-related bills moving through the 2022 Virginia General Assembly.

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The date of last action on the bill follows the summary. We usually update this at night and try to include what the next anticipated action will be.

When a bill is docketed, the hearing information will follow the last action.

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What the motions on bills mean:


Lay the bill on the table  Suspends debate of the bill. It can be recalled from the table later, but this rarely happens.
Pass the bill by indefinitely  Ends debate of the bill. The bill has been killed and is dead for the session.
Report the bill  Sends the bill to the House or Senate for a floor vote.
Refer or Rerefer  Sends the bill to a Committee or Subcommittee.


Final outcomes for bills:


0  CONTINUED  Bill will be taken up in the same Committee in the following year, but is done for this session  
0  DEFEATED  Bill was defeated by vote and will not pass this session  
0  INCORPORATED  Bill was incorporated into other similar and preferential bill  
0  LEFT IN COMMITTEE  Bill was not heard by the Committee or otherwise failed to advance  
0  SUCCEEDED  Bill passed both chambers by vote and has been sent to the Governor  
0  WITHDRAWN  Bill patron withdrew the bill  
0  IN CONFERENCE  Bill is in a committee of Senate and House members to reconcile a final version for approval  






SB 788 Medical cannabis program; transition from Board of Pharmacy to Virginia Cannabis Control Authority.

Chief patron: Sen Barbara Favola

Medical cannabis program; transition from Board of Pharmacy to Virginia Cannabis Control Authority. Transfers oversight and administration of the Commonwealth's medical cannabis program from the Board of Pharmacy to the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority.

11/20/22 Senate: Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services

Virginia NORML notes:  This is a technical bill to enact the moving regulation of the medical cannabis program to the Cannabis Control Authority. It moves the existing medical Code (§ 54.1-3442.5 through 54.1-3442.8 to Title 4.1 a chapter numbered 16)