Where do the 2017 candidates stand on marijuana policy reform?


Virginia NORML is asking all candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the House of Delegates two questions:

1. Do you support the decriminalization of simple marijuana possession? Decriminalization means substituting civil penalties for criminal prosecution, think “fines not crimes.”

2. Do you support doctor-recommended medical cannabis? Recent polling by Quinnipiac shows 92% of Virginians do.

Remember, Virginia does not have ballot initiatives. The only time you will ever “vote on marijuana” in Virginia is when you cast your ballot for lawmakers that will support reform legislation once elected. Vote wisely.  

Candidates for Governor of Virginia

    Decrim Medical
D Ralph Northam Yes Yes
L Cliff Hyra Yes Yes
R Ed Gillespie No Yes

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia 


    Decrim Medical
D Justin Fairfax Yes Yes
R Jill Vogel No Yes

Candidates for the House of Delegates

      Decrim Medical
1 D Alicia D. Kallen    
1 R Terry G. Kilgore    
2 D Jennifer D. Carroll Foy Yes Yes
2 R Laquan D. Austion    
3 D W. C. "Bill" Bunch, Jr. Yes Yes 
3 R James W. "Will" Morefield    
4 R Todd E. Pillion    
5 R Israel D. O'Quinn    
6 I Kenneth D. Browning    
6 R Jeffrey L. Campbell    
7 D Flourette M. Ketner    
7 R Larry N. "Nick" Rush    
8 D Steve G. McBride    
8 R Gregory D. Habeeb    
9 D Stephanie C. Cook    
9 R Charles D. Poindexter    
10 D Wendy W. Gooditis    
10 R J. Randall Minchew    
11 D S. "Sam" Rasoul    
12 D Chris L. Hurst Yes Yes
12 R Joseph R. Yost    
13 D Danica A. Roem Yes Yes
13 R Robert G. "Bob" Marshall    
14 R D. W. "Danny" Marshall III    
15 R C. Todd Gilbert    
16 R Les R. Adams    
17 D Djuna L. Osborne    
17 R Christopher T. Head    
18 D Tristan D. Shields    
18 R Michael J. Webert   Yes
18 G Wilton King Yes Yes
19 R Terry L. Austin    
20 D Michele Dixon Edwards    
20 L William M. "Will" Hammer    
20 R Richard P. "Dickie" Bell    
21 D Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler Yes Yes
21 R Ron A. Villanueva    
22 R Kathy J. Byron    
23 D Natalie A. Short    
23 R T. Scott Garrett    
24 R Ben L. Cline    
24 I John C. Winfrey    
25 D Angela M. Lynn Yes Yes
25 R R. Steven "Steve" Landes    
26 D Brent M. Finnegan Yes Yes
26 R Tony O. Wilt    
27 D Larry V. Barnett Yes Yes
27 R Roxann L. Robinson    
28 D Joshua G. Cole    
28 R Robert M. "Bob" Thomas, Jr.    
29 D Casey S. Turben    
29 R Christopher E. Collins    
30 D Samuel Ben Hixon Yes Yes
30 R Nick J. Freitas Yes Yes
31 D Elizabeth R. Guzman    
31 R L. Scott Lingamfelter    
31 I Nathan D. Larson Yes Yes
32 D David A. Reid    
32 R Thomas A. "Tag" Greason    
33 D Tia L. Walbridge    
33 R Dave A. LaRock    
34 D Kathleen J. Murphy    
34 R Cheryl A. Buford    
35 D Mark L. Keam    
36 D Kenneth R. "Ken" Plum    
37 D David L. Bulova    
38 D L. Kaye Kory Yes Yes
38 R Paul B. Haring    
39 D Vivian E. Watts Yes Yes
40 D Donte T. Tanner    
40 R Timothy D. "Tim" Hugo    
41 D Eileen Filler-Corn Yes Yes
42 D Kathy K. L. Tran    
42 R Lolita I. Mancheno-Smoak    
43 D Mark D. Sickles Yes Yes
44 D Paul E. Krizek Yes Yes
45 D Mark H. Levine Yes Yes
46 D Charniele L. Herring Yes Yes
47 D Patrick A. Hope Yes Yes
48 D R. C. "Rip" Sullivan, Jr. Yes Yes
49 D Alfonso H. Lopez Yes Yes
49 R Adam Roosevelt    
50 D Lee J. Carter    
50 R Jackson Hunter Miller    
51 D Hala S. Ayala    
51 R Richard L. Anderson    
52 D Luke E. Torian    
53 D Marcus B. Simon Yes Yes
53 I Mike S. Casey Yes Yes
54 D Al Durante    
54 R Robert D. "Bobby" Orrock    
55 D Morgan K. Goodman    
55 R H. F. "Buddy" Fowler, Jr.    
56 D Melissa M. Dart Yes Yes
56 R John J. McGuire III    
57 D David J. Toscano    
58 D Kellen J. Squire    
58 R Robert B. Bell III    
59 D Tracy L. Carver    
59 R C. Matthew Fariss    
59 I David Wade Ball    
59 G Marcus T. Sutphin    
60 D Jamaal M. Johnston    
60 R James E. Edmunds II    
61 R Thomas C. Wright, Jr.    
62 D Sheila Bynum-Coleman Yes Yes
62 R Riley Edward Ingram    
63 D Lashrecse D. Aird Yes Yes
64 D Rebecca S. Colaw    
64 R Emily M. Brewer    
65 D Francis M. Stevens Yes Yes
65 R R. Lee Ware, Jr.    
66 D Katie A. Sponsler Yes Yes
66 R M. Kirkland "Kirk" Cox    
67 D Karrie K. Delaney    
67 R James M. "Jim" LeMunyon    
68 D Dawn M. Adams Yes Yes
68 R G. M. "Manoli" Loupassi    
69 D Betsy B. Carr    
69 R Jacob A. "Jake" Crocker    
69 G Montigue T. Magruder Yes Yes
70 D Delores L. McQuinn Yes Yes
71 D Jeff M. Bourne    
72 D Schuyler T. VanValkenburg    
72 R Edward S. Whitlock III    
73 D Debra H. Rodman Yes Yes
73 R John M. O'Bannon III    
73 I Christopher P. Cowger    
74 D Lamont Bagby    
74 I Preston T. Brown Yes Yes
75 D Roslyn C. Tyler    
76 R S. Chris Jones    
77 D C. E. "Cliff" Hayes, Jr.    
77 G Jeff B. Staples Yes Yes
78 R J. A. "Jay" Leftwich, Jr    
79 D Steve E. Heretick Yes Yes
80 D Matthew James    
81 D Kimberly Anne Tucker Yes Yes
81 R Barry D. Knight    
82 D Leigh Anne Bowling    
82 R Jason S. Miyares    
83 D David E. Rose-Carmack Yes Yes
83 R Chris P. Stolle    
84 D Veronica R. Coleman    
84 R Glenn Davis   Yes
85 D Cheryl B. Turpin    
85 R N. D. "Rocky" Holcomb III    
86 D Jennifer B. Boysko Yes Yes
86 R Linda C. Schulz    
87 D John J. Bell    
87 R Subba R. Kolla    
88 D Steve R. Aycock    
88 R Mark L. Cole    
88 I Amanda M. Blalock    
88 G Gerald L. Anderson    
89 D Jerrauld C. "Jay" Jones    
89 L Terry Richard Hurst Yes Yes
90 D Joseph C. "Joe" Lindsey    
91 D Michael B. Wade    
91 R Gordon C. Helsel, Jr Yes Yes
92 D Jeion A. Ward Yes Yes
93 D Michael P. Mullin    
93 R Heather L. Cordasco    
94 D Zachary E. Wittkamp    
94 R David E. Yancey    
94 L Michael D. Bartley Yes Yes
95 D Marcia S. "Cia" Price Yes Yes
96 D Kelly A. Delucia Yes Yes
96 R Brenda L. Pogge    
97 D Cori E. Johnson    
97 R Christopher K. Peace    
98 D Sheila Crowley    
98 R M. Keith Hodges    
99 D Francis Nicholas Edwards    
99 R Margaret Bevans Ransone    
100 D Willie C. Randall    
100 R Robert S. Bloxom, Jr.    


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