Urgent Action Alert: 'Just Say No to Bryce Reeves' NORML PAC Fundraiser

Virginia NORML needs your help! We have an urgent opportunity to remove Senator Bryce Reeves from office, a staunch prohibitionist standing in the way of changing Virginia's marijuana laws. Help elect his opponent, Ned Gallaway, by contributing to the NORML PAC fund!

An urgent message from Virginia NORML Policy Director, Ed McCann:


Specify "Virginia NORML" in the comments box when you make your contribution.

About Bryce Reeves and Ned Gallaway

The 2015 cannabis legislation Senator Bryce Reeves voted against was an “affirmative defense” bill, and literally the least he could do for families with children suffering from life-threatening seizures. By his vote, Reeves acknowledged the status quo was his preference, a law that allows for fines, arrest, and even jail time for parents of children who suffer from life-threatening seizures. Unlike other representatives from both sides of the aisle, Senator Reeves refuses to meet with any constituents who support reform. He’s declined numerous meeting requests and has even cancelled scheduled meetings with constituents at the last possible moment, constituents who made the long trek to Richmond just to speak with him.

Fortunately, his challenger, Ned Gallaway, has a different view. Gallaway publicly challenged Senator Reeves on his Affirmative Defense vote and has acknowledged the need for open debate. According to Ned Gallaway “Positive impacts from allowing production of industrial hemp and authorizing medical marijuana have broad public support. Virginians should be open to discuss the social and economic impacts behind decriminalization and legalization.”

Enter “Virginia NORML” in the Comments box when you donate: norml.org/normlpac

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Background on NORML PAC

The NORML PAC is the political arm of NORML that permits us to provide campaign contributions to office holders and candidates for public office who support NORML-friendly public policy and legislation.

As you may know, non-profit corporations, such as NORML and the NORML Foundation, cannot by law provide any support, financial or otherwise, to candidates or office holders. NORML can lobby aggressively for legislative change and support voter initiatives, and the NORML Foundation can undertake educational and philanthropic work that supports and reinforces our policy goals, but neither organization is permitted to provide support for or opposition to candidates for public office. 

Under federal and state laws, political actions committees (PACs) are the only entities permitted to engage in partisan political matters.

In the perfect world, candidates would not need to raise money to run for office, and those of us who advocate for legislative policy changes would not need to help candidates who are supportive of our positions raise money. But we live in the real word, and we must recognize that our ability to help marijuana-friendly candidates raise the necessary money to successfully run for office, or for reelection, is terribly important. For many of these office holders, our willingness to contribute PAC money to their campaigns is a sign of how serious we are about the policy changes we seek.

We must continue to identify those members of Congress, and their counterparts at the state legislative level, who are supportive of our positions and we must register our appreciation for their support by making PAC contributions in this election year.

Enter “Virginia NORML” in the Comments box when you donate to oust Bryce Reeves and help elect Ned Gallaway: norml.org/normlpac