Virginia NORML Strategic Plan 2014-17

Mission: To represent Virginia’s cannabis law reform community at the General Assembly and other state and local jurisdictional levels, and to promote a regulated cannabis market by legalizing the responsible use of cannabis products.

Vision: By 2020 Virginia will have a legal, regulated cannabis market, in which producers, sellers, and buyers are all free to make informed decisions. Virginia NORML will have played a key role in creating this market, through education, lobbying, fundraising, and communication of policy objectives. Virginia NORML will continue to represent cannabis consumers, to educate the public on cannabis issues, and to improve the statewide cannabis market.

Values and Guiding Principles:

a. We believe in the power of the grassroots community and our ability to drive change through open communication, education, consistent collaboration, building trust, and engaged public participation.

b. We pursue creative and pragmatic strategies to the reform of cannabis laws and recognize educating and motivating the public is a key to that success.

c. We partner with diverse groups for effective change.

d. We are fiscally, ethically, professionally, and environmentally responsible with our resources and in our work.


Legislative Policy: Virginia NORML will compel decision-makers into legislative action that legalizes cannabis in Virginia.

Public Outreach: Virginia NORML will increase community awareness and grow our membership and volunteers to strengthen support needed to achieve legislative success.

Strategies and high-level actions:

1. Create a Virginia Cannabis Coalition to bring together all of the groups working on the issue including the outside partners and other advocacy groups needed to win.

2. Create opportunities for over 200 members and other new constituencies to meet and build relationships with their legislators to demonstrate community support.

3. Produce a variety of statewide events that engage, educate, and bring diverse constituencies together around our goals, including the Virginia Cannabis Conference, Lobby Day, and local subchapter events).

4. Triple Virginia NORML’s membership, engage at least 300 volunteers throughout the year, and employ interns to help move other actions forward.

5. Create an interactive website, an improved brand, and cohesive education campaigns that unites and engages both liberal and conservative Virginians.

6. Assist with passage of a Medical Bill and lead passage of a Decriminalization bill by end of 2017 Legislative session.