Get in a Relationship With Your Lawmaker!

 by Ed McCann, Policy Director

Cannabis freedom in Virginia depends on you! Even though a few candidates (Ellen Arthur, Mark Levine) and legislators (Dickie Bell, Adam Ebbin) publicly support improving cannabis laws, some still think Virginians aren't ready.

Even though Virginia NORML is making news headlines hosting senators at our meetings, starting new chapters, and tabling all around the state, that's not enough to achieve common sense reform!

Your job as a concerned Virginian is to visit your representatives and just talk to them. Tell them why cannabis law reform is important to you, and that you will vote based on the issue. Get to know them, and let them get to know you and your story.

The key is forming a relationship with your rep. That means they recognize you, smile, and offer to talk, because you've had good encounters before. That means you may agree to disagree on some points, but agree to continue the conversation. It means talking to them many times. Go to their events. Go to public events that they attend. Get involved in the community and make sure they know that.

The more politicians see us, the more clout we have.

What will get a politician's attention even faster though, is money, and volunteering time for their election campaigns. Donate to them, and I guarantee they'll open their door quicker. Make some phone calls for them, and goodness won't they be nice! Grease those wheels and get the access that we need to make the case for common sense reforms.

Virginia NORML leadership is working with as many legislators as we can, but we need your help to reach more of them.

Volunteer today -- we're here to help you.