Please VOTE

Fellow NORML Virginians,


On November 3rd, vote. Pretty freaking please. Don't dare not vote.  Please.

Most of you will, I know. This is the blog for Virginia NORML - our audience is one of activists and activists vote and get others to vote. I'm choir-preaching. I don't care. I'll say it again: vote. It so very does matter. Especially in Virginia, and particularly especially for Virginia NORML’s single-issue cause.

I vote and I really want you to too. But that doesn't mean dung. You've got to want to get there for a few minutes on a Tuesday (November 3, 2015, between 6am and 7pm) to register your vote, and statistically, very few will. It's your choice not to vote (and I'm not saying anyone reading this won't, but statistically...), but that would be unwise.

Because it really does matter who your Richmond reps are.  Oh man it does. Now and in the future. It matters who represents you in your city or county, because they might go on to represent you in your state or country - whether you want them to or not.

It’s tough.  It's an off-off-year election, the worst kind to have for anyone with any progressive bents, and we have them all the time in Virginia. But that's why every vote matters, because there probably won't be all that many of them.

Things will change as a result of those very few votes, no doubt. Just how, though, is entirely up to who comes out to VOTE. So let it be us. Please, vote.