2023 High Tide Wellness Summit


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Tell your Virginia legislators to legalize cannabis retail for adults 21+

Not a Virginia resident? Take action in your state.

Know your rights >>

Remember, consuming or sharing cannabis in public is still illegal in Virginia.

What is legal >>

Possession for personal use by adults 21+ at their residence
 Public possession by adults 21+ of up to one ounce
Personal cultivation of up to 4 plants per household by adults 21+ at their primary residence
Adult-sharing of up to one ounce in private without remuneration

What is NOT legal >>

X Possession with intent to distribute
X Public consumption
X Public possession over 1 ounce
X Possession or consumption by anyone under 21
X Possession on school grounds or school bus
X Consumption in a motor vehicle while being driven (passenger or driver)
X Open container in a vehicle
X Sharing or offering cannabis in public
X Selling or purchasing cannabis or cannabis products outside of the medical program
X Selling or purchasing cannabis seeds
X Gifting schemes (gift with purchase, public giveaway events, paid entry consumption events)


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Visit us online to check out our locations. Medical cannabis is for certified patients only. Must be 18+ to view.