Virginia Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)

Are you a Republican or conservative with values that include a desire for marijuana law reform?  Maybe you have friends that fit this description?  If so, please read on...


A message from Vivienne Smith, Director of VARAMP:

I am honored to announce that Virginia has been named the newest chapter of RAMP, Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, or VARAMP. Our goal is to change legislation in Virginia to decriminalize, legalize and promote the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for a whole host of unmet medical needs. Through reaching out and educating the public and legislators about the truth regarding this amazing, natural God-given plant; we hope to be part of the ground-swell, along with other organizations, that will make this legal. This is a liberty issue that needs to be 'righted'. I hope that our message will resonate with Republicans specifically, but anyone can join us. The VARAMP website and email functionality is still being set up (it's that new!), so please just email [email protected] if you'd like more information.