Get Involved: Join a Virginia NORML Action Team!

Virginia NORML is not so much a traditional chapter as it is a framework for action that provides support and guidance for the state’s Regional Chapters. Meetings and events in the state happen primarily at the Regional Chapter level, while VANORML itself consists only of a Board of Directors -- a dozen folks from various chapters.  These volunteers lead a variety of Action Teams that engage other supporters from around the state.  If you are truly fired up to change the laws, we hope that you will contact us and join one of these committees -- there are ALWAYS interesting projects available, and the more help we have, the faster we will achieve our goals.

The Membership Team works to increase Virginia NORML’s presence and impact.  We seek volunteers to help build support in each of our regions, connect regional directors to resources, and help members plug into volunteer activities.  

The Policy Team works on lobbying and legislation. To do that we attend candidate forums, debates, and legislative update meetings. We gather information on the positions of legislators and candidates, and find candidates to endorse. We meet with legislators to increase their support of cannabis law reform, provide them information, and work with them to introduce favorable legislation.

The Communications Team coordinates Virginia NORML outreach via social media, newsletters, action alerts, and other informational campaigns. Its goal is to educate supporters and provide them with the tools to pressure representatives into reforming our marijuana laws.

The Events Team coordinates events around the state to provide education, information and a format to meet with their state representation.  The events team is also responsible for putting together social events for networking and to build a community of like-minded individuals. Some of our major events include the annual Lobby Day in Richmond (January) and the Cannabis Conference that occurs in the fall.

The Fundraising Team raises the money we need to successfully legalize marijuana in Virginia. The fundraising committee supports VANORML's advocacy work, communications, events, and community-building initiatives.

Please contact us via Facebook message or email to '[email protected]'