A Message from the Director

Pam Novy, Executive Director, Virginia NORML 

Virginia NORML endorses House of Delegates candidate Ellen Arthur, but just says NO to Senator Bryce Reeves

Virginia NORML is pleased to endorse Ellen Arthur in the 24th House District. Ellen is exactly the kind of representative we need in the House of Delegates, a candidate from rural Virginia with the courage to publicly state that Virginia should not only decriminalize cannabis possession, but also move toward a regulated market. Ellen wants to LEAD on marijuana policy reform rather than "watch and wait" or ignore the issue altogether. We offer Ellen our strongest endorsementIf we want our representatives in Richmond to end prohibition, we must elect those who will make this a priority. Find out here how you can help Ellen win on November 3rd. 

Just say NO to Senator Bryce Reeves! Representing the 17th Senate District, Senator Reeves is a former undercover narcotics officer and a staunch prohibitionist. But it's worse than that. Senator Reeves is the only Virginia lawmaker who voted against the “Affirmative Defense” bill. 

By his vote, Reeves acknowledged the status quo was his preference, a law that allows for fines, arrest, and even jail time for parents of children who suffer from life-threatening seizures. Unlike other representatives from both sides of the aisle, Senator Reeves refuses to meet with any constituents who support reform. He’s declined numerous meeting requests and has even cancelled scheduled meetings with constituents at the last possible moment, constituents who made the long trek to Richmond just to speak with him.

Fortunately, his challenger, Ned Gallaway, has a different view. Gallaway publicly challenged Senator Reeves on his Affirmative Defense vote at a fundraising event in Culpeper on October 5th, and has acknowledged the need for open debate. Positive impacts from allowing production of industrial hemp and authorizing medical marijuana have broad public support. Virginians should be open to discuss the social and economic impacts behind decriminalization and legalization. Read more about Ned Gallaway here, and find out here how you can help Ned win on November 3rd.

 Photo: Ned Gallaway with attendees at the Culpeper County NORML October monthly meeting