Norfolk Event to Educate Virginia Medical Professionals on Medical Cannabis Program


Recent changes to medical cannabis laws have represented a sea change in policy for medical professionals in Virginia.

There are new regulations, new forms, and new norms surrounding medical cannabis in the Commonwealth.

As doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other medical professionals in Virginia strive to stay educated to keep up with this evolving corner of medicine, an event this Saturday at Brick Anchor Brew House in downtown Norfolk will provide the basics of that education in an intimate setting.  

Medical Cannabis Legislative Update for Pharmacists and Doctors is a partnership between Virginia NORML and Virginia Pharmacists Association's Tidewater and Tri-County Local Associations

I wanted to see this event come to life due to the perceptions around cannabis within the pharmacy profession,” said Michelle Harmon, PharmD, a pharmacist based in Hampton Roads who helped organize the event. “With the changes in legislation around medical cannabis and with pharmacists playing a pivotal role, I saw the need to educate my colleagues.”

Last year the Virginia General Assembly passed the historic Let Doctors Decide bill, which paved the way for the five pharmaceutical processors that will be opening later this year. Even more change could be on the way as multiple medical cannabis-related bills are pending in the 2019 General Assembly.

“Medical cannabis is a new concept for many healthcare professionals in Virginia, and there is still a knowledge gap for both practitioners and their patients when it comes to these laws,” acknowledged Jenn Michelle Pedini, executive director of Virginia NORML. “Virginia NORML’s goal is to ensure that providers are armed with the latest and most accurate information about these laws, and how they will impact their practices and their patients.

Medical Cannabis Legislative Update for Pharmacists and Doctors takes place this Saturday, January 26, at 6:30pm.