Senator Dunnavant Files Bill to Improve Virginia’s Regulated Medical Cannabis Program


RICHMOND -- Senator Siobhan S. Dunnavant (R-12) has filed SB1557 to clarify and improve the regulation of pharmaceutical processors.

If passed, SB1557 would better align with prevailing medical cannabis research by allowing pharmaceutical processors to dispense full therapeutic-strength medical cannabis products.

“Last year we passed unanimously the historic Let Doctors Decide bill that expanded patient access to our medical cannabis program,” said Senator Dunnavant, a medical doctor from Henrico. “We got a lot of things right, but there are some screws that can be tightened so the law better benefits the health and well-being of all Virginians.”

The bill also seeks to improve patient access and reduce health care costs by allowing licensed physician assistants and licensed nurse practitioners to issue patients the required written certification for use of medical cannabis.

“Ensuring patient access and controlling costs are vital to the success of Virginia’s medical cannabis program,” said Jenn Michelle Pedini, executive director of Virginia NORML. “What we see in the states with robust medical cannabis programs is an average 25% reduction in opioid overdose fatalities, reduced opiate consumption, and reduced prescription drug-use."

In addition, the bill would foster better health outcomes by promulgating regulations establishing dosage limitations.

“Virginia patients need safe access to full therapeutic-strength medical cannabis products,” said Pedini. “These common sense clarifications to the regulations will make for a smoother system, and more beneficial outcome for patients, providers, and the community at large.”

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