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First, contact your representatives!  It is only via DIRECT democracy - letting them know how you feel about an issue - that we can win reform of our outdated laws.   Join Virginia NORML and help end cannabis prohibition in Virginia!  Basic Memberships are just $25 per year; $15 for students, veterans and seniors.   Learn more about Virginia marijuana laws and penalties, what 'intent to distribute' is, and how to contact a local lawyer!
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Featured Blog Entries

This blog post was submitted by Dennis Begeal, a member of NoVA NORML and long-time supporter of VANORML. Supporters are encouraged to submit blog posts and ideas at any time.   Allow me to tell...

The 2015 Reefer Madness: Tournament of Twisted Reality bracket game is here! In 2014, you decided that the claim "Marihuana is more dangerous than heroin" was the BIGGEST LIE from the 1936 American exploitation propaganda film Reefer...

DEA Administrative Law Judge Findings DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young's monumental decision that cannabis (marijuana) should rightfully be placed in Schedule II or lower of the Controlled Substances Act to make it available by...

WARNING: Consumption of this information may cause side effects including: Temporary confusion, a blank stare and feelings of persecution. Long term exposure may produce the desire to Stop the Madness and repeal Cannabis Prohibition.

  The National Cancer Institute says that cannabis kills cancer. Numerous other scientific studies and a wealth of compelling stories from everyday Americans prove that cannabis saves lives.