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Virginia 2015 Cannabis Conference: October 16-18

Act now to get the early bird rate and best hotel options! Register on-line today to reserve your spot for this educational, inspirational event.


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Winning Reform: Virginia NORML endorsement pushes a strong pro-cannabis candidate to victory in the 45th House district primary!


On Tuesday, June 9, 28% of primary voters in Virginia's 45th House District supported Mark Levine, pushing him past four challengers for the open seat and carrying him into November's general election for the Virginia House of Delegates. He benefited from an endorsement by Virginia NORML, a fast-growing organization of over 10,000 supporters advocating for sensible marijuana policy in the Commonwealth.

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Viewing Virginia's Future... in D.C.

Takoma Wellness: A Look At How It Could Should Be


Just a few Saturdays ago, we at NoVA NORML had the good fortune of touring the facilities of Takoma Wellness Center, a medical cannabis dispensary in the Takoma neighborhood of D.C.

It was my first time ever in an establishment founded and operated for the purpose of (legally) distributing cannabis, and it was a real eye-opener.

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Virginia NORML Endorses Mark Levine for Delegate


Alexandria, VA – Mark Levine – candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in Virginia’s 45th District – today received the endorsement of Virginia NORML, the Virginia affiliate of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws. 

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A Biblical Case for Legalization


The following is an essay by an anonymous Virginian, who is a deeply devout Christian:

I have had two powerful dreams about Cannabis and its spiritual uses. I am a Bible believing, tithing, Christian. I love Jesus with all my heart and work diligently to conform my mind and my life to the Bible. | searched the Bible and prayed faithfully for God’s wisdom on these dreams. I will tell the dreams first and then I will give the Scripture verses that support God’s blessing on all herbs including Cannabis.

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How do I keep all these new pot terms straight when legal sales start up?



"Foxweed" asks, “Now that pot is legal, there are undoubtedly many readers who have never really partaken much in the subculture. Sooner than we think, many options for smoking pot will become available, so how does one pot? I see talk of sativas and indicas, purples and reds and berries andkushes. Joints, bongs, pipes, vapes? hash, dab etc. etc. I barely have beers and wines figured out here, help me out?”

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2015 DMVCC Vanguard Awards Celebration


Celebrating our achievements and investing in our future!



The DMVCC was formed in 2014 with the goal of collaborating across state lines to achieve regional reform: cross-promoting events, sharing best practices, and recognizing those who are instrumental in pushing forward common-sense cannabis policy.

Last year's Vanguard Awards were held in DC and featured a rollicking keynote address by Doug Fine, an investigative journalist who has published books on the economic potential of cannabis and industrial hemp.


This year we have three honorees -- people who have been truly instrumental in bringing reform to the region, and will continue to lead the struggle for cannabis freedom. Learn who they are and meet them at the event!

Keynote address

This year's speaker is Betty Aldworth, a principal player in Colorado's landmark initiative which culminated in citizens passing the amendment that legalized and regulated cannabis for the first time since marijuana prohibition began in 1937. As the Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), she will inform attendees of the mission and detail its recent initiatives and successes.

Event Details

The DMVCC welcomes reform advocates, policy makers, legislators, and media. The Highline menu will be available for drinks and dining throughout the event. No need to bring printed tickets, just an ID to check against the reservations list. 

Pre-Party with Reform Professionals!

The DC area is home to many drug law reform organizations, and we are fortunate that representatives from most of them will be available from 7-8pm for networking and questions. Please select the "Reform Professional Meet & Greet" ticket option.

Thank you to our sponsors

S&G Endeavors, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Virginia NORML, Maryland NORML, DC NORML, SSDP, and the DC Cannabis Campaign. All proceeds will support future law reform advocacy activities of the DMVCC member organizations listed here.



2015 Virginia Cannabis Conference


The tides of cannabis freedom are rising in the U.S. and with these exciting changes comes a flood of new information. There is a virtual sea of new legislation, ground-breaking research, and booming cannabis markets to navigate, and Virginia NORML is working to bring the best and the brightest, the top industry and reform leaders to share their insights with YOU at the 2015 Virginia Cannabis Conference in Richmond, October 16-18.

This year, we are assembling a powerhouse panel of presenters, connecting you with key players in cannabis legalization and targeting current hot topics like Women in Cannabis and the Politics of Weed. We’ll cover everything you’ll need to know for the upcoming state elections, and show you just how easy it is to effectively lobby your legislators.

View this year's schedule of speakers

You can be assured that this year's guests will educate and empower you to make an impact in cannabis reform and the exciting world that comes after legalization.

To make the conference easier to attend, we have created an early bird discount and an extended payment plan option this year. Register by the 10th of a month and your conference fee can be split into multiple smaller payments. There are several packages to choose from, so please visit our conference website, register to attend, and spread the word!


No Ballot Initiative in Virginia


We often get asked, why can’t we just put marijuana on the ballot in Virginia? Why can’t we let the people vote on it?

If we could, we’d probably have legal cannabis a lot sooner. After all, 54% of Virginians support allowing adults to legally possess it.

But unfortunately, we can’t put cannabis on the ballot, because Virginia law doesn’t allow it.

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Does Cannabis Science Change at the Border?


This blog post was submitted by Dennis Begeal, a member of NoVA NORML and long-time supporter of Virginia NORML. Supporters are encouraged to submit blog posts and ideas at any time.


Allow me to tell you about something I do not understand.

After speaking to many professionals in the health and medical industries, I have discovered that many of the professionals do not understand how the body absorbs vitamins. It turns out that our body's vitamin and other essential nutrient absorption may depend on cannabinoids! This is how our body absorbs good things like calcium and other essential vitamins necessary to running the human body.

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