Thank You

Thank you for supporting Virginia NORML! We’re happy to have you stand with us in our campaign to regulate the responsible adult use of marijuana in the state of Virginia.

In 2016, the Virginia General Assembly rejected bills to decriminalize cannabis and remove the smoke-a-joint, lose-your-license provision in the Virginia Code. Industrial hemp, paraphernalia, asset forfeiture reforms successfully passed this session.

Last year, a bill allowing an affirmative defense for the possession of cannabis oils for intractable epilepsy patients and caregivers was signed into law by Governor McAuliffe. The House Courts of Justice Criminal Law subcommittee denied expanding the same affirmative defense to cancer patients this year. 

Senate bill 701 heralded a landmark reform for the Commonwealth’s out-of-touch medical marijuana laws. The Board of Pharmacy developed a regulatory process that must now be reenacted in the 2017 General Assembly, to allow an affirmative defense for the in-state production and distribution of cannabis oil for the treatment of intractable epilepsy at 5 vertically-integrated facilities.

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