Round One Results


Round 1

EAST Region: Andy Harris vs. Yevgeny Bryun   WEST Region: Nancy Grace vs. John Fleming
WINNER: Andy Harris 85%   WINNER: Nancy Grace 76%
NORTH Region: Kevin Sabet vs. Steve Doocy   SOUTH Region: Chris Christie vs. Bill O'Reilly
WINNER: Kevin Sabet 84%   WINNER: Chris Christie 61%

EAST Region: Kimberly Hartke vs. Sunny Hostin   WEST Region: Trey Gowdy vs. Charles Lane
WINNER: Kimberly Hartke 69%
  WINNER: Trey Gowdy 80%
NORTH Region: Stuart Gitlow vs. Mikey Kitrell   SOUTH Region: Patrick Kennedy vs. Jerry Brown
WINNER: Stuart Gitlow 62%
  WINNER: Patrick Kennedy 90%

EAST Region: Nora Volkow vs. Pope Francis   WEST Region: Calvina Fay vs. David B. Samadi
WINNER: Nora Volkow 64%
  WINNER: Calvina Fay 75%
NORTH Region: William Bennett vs. Herbert Kleber   SOUTH Region: Michele Leonhart vs. D. Wasserman Schultz
WINNER: William Bennett 56%
  WINNER: Michele Leonhart 84% 

EAST Region: Sheldon Adelson vs. Andrew Cuomo   WEST Region: Marta Di Forti vs. Joseph Califano
WINNER: Sheldon Adelson 68%
  WINNER: Joseph Califano 77%
NORTH Region: Joe Perrone vs. Bob Beauprez   SOUTH Region: Robert Goodlatte vs. Dianne Feinstein
WINNER: Joe Perrone 57%
  WINNER: Robert Goodlatte 100% - SHUTOUT!

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How to play Reefer Madness.

1. Download the bracket and print it out.

2. Fill out the bracket. Choose your Most Twisted.

3. Post your bracket to our Virginia Norml Facebook page ON OR BEFORE APRIL 20TH. (Easiest way is to post a picture with your phone)

4. Come back and vote for your picks! Match-ups will be posted on our website according to this calendar.

Finally, get together with friends and family on April 20th to vote for The Most Twisted and find out the names of our Grand Prize and Raffle Prize winners.

Good luck!

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