2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - West Region


#2 Calvina Fay

As the Executive Director of the Drug Free America Foundation, people listen when Calvina Fay speaks.  And when Ms Fay speaks, people die.  Ms Fays media blitz against a 2014 constitutional amendment in Florida legalizing medical marijuana was one of the reasons it failed to meet the required threshold.  How many people will die from cancer because people like Ms Fay twisted the truth about medical cannabis?  How many children will die from unstoppable seizures?  How many patients will overdose and die from opiate painkillers because they had no other viable option for symptom relief?  We may never know the answer to those question, but what we do know, without a doubt, is that Calvina Fay has blood on her hands.

#6 David Samadi

They must be putting moonshine in the water coolers over there at FOX News, because there is no shortage of crazy talk coming from that channel.  But even with the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace babbling on like fugitives from the insane asylum, #6 seed, David Samadi, still managed to shock and surprise viewers with his claims that cannabis use causes crack babies.  He should probably have a heart to heart with Dr. Sanjay Gupta before what's left of his medical career goes up in smoke.  We'll be keeping a close eye on Dr. Samadi during the tournament.  A few more crack pot segments like this one and he could very well win it all.

Its choosing time.

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