2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - East Region


#2 Nora Volkow

As the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Nora Volkow could be the most dangerous person in this year's tournament.  Her words pack more punch per lie than just about anyone else in the country.  And given her inability to honestly re-examine her position on prohibition, there is nothing left for us to do than to shame her into a new profession.

#6 Pope Francis

In 2014, Pope Francis spoke before a drug enforcement commission calling the legalization of drugs "evil," and making no distinction beween cannabis and truly dangerous drugs like heroin and alcohol. We should remember here that when the Pope speaks, a BILLION people listen. So for helping to keep so many people scared and confused about the true nature of one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, Pope Francis makes it into our tournament and could give Nora Volkow a run for her money.

Its choosing time.

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