2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - North Region



#1 Kevin Sabet

When it comes to the topic of cannabis, there is no more prolific liar than #1 Kevin Sabet.  Mr. Sabet, who wrote the instant prohibitionist classic, "Reefer Sanity," is also the go-to paid speaker on the anti-marijuana lecture circuit.  In some circles, he's known as the "#1 enemy of legalization."  From Alabama to Arizona, from Connecticut to Oregon, make no mistake, Kevin Sabet is a man on a mission.  And his mission is to compassionately condemn you to mandatory drug rehab. 

#8 Steve Doocy

The best word to describe #8 Steve Doocy is "goof ball."  Ok so that's 2 words.  But it explains the classic quote from Fox & Friends "What's to stop people from getting all potted up on weed and getting behind the wheel?"  Its a legitimate question that could have opened a useful discussion about all of these non-existent traffic fatalities we should be afraid of.  Unfortunately, like the rest of his buddies on Fox & Friends, the only thing of value Mr Doocy has to offer is a joke.

Its choosing time.

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