2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - North Region


#3 Stuart Gitlow

Stuart Gitlow is the President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and one of several doctors selected for this year's tournament. Mr Stuart is an old school prohibitionist sellout, who gets paid to lie to parents about the dangers of marihuana. So when the President of the United States finally admitted that alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis, Stuart hit back saying that the President "doesn't know what he's talking about." He is also one of 3 members of SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana represented on our bracket.

#7 Mikey Kittrell

We don't know much about Mikey Kittrell beyond what you will see in this video.  Frankly, we have better things to do than go digging into the life of this dunderhead.  But Mr Kittrell's performace in this video was more than enough to qualify him for this list.  With over a million views, Mr. Kittrell has delivered an EPIC rant against both marijuana and common sense.

Watch DEAR POTHEADS then...

Its choosing time.

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