2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - North Region


#2 William Bennett

This matchup is interesting, as it represents a master vs. apprentice battle royale of misguided ideas.  Under President Bush (the Elder), #2 seed William Bennett was the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), otherwise known as the nation's "drug czar".  In 2014 he co-wrote a book, oh-so-cleverly titled Going to Pot,which is "a rambling, repetitive, self-contradicting hodgepodge of scare stories, misleading comparisons, unsupportable generalizations, and decontextualized research results", according to one of its better reviews. Americans who don't appreciate the hypocrisy of a gambling addict preaching against ending the prohibition of cannabis may help Dr. Bennett to perform up to his high seeding.

#6 Herbert Kleber

Bennett's Deputy Director for Demand Reduction at ONDCP was #6 seed Herbert Kleber. Today, as a Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Kleber rails against the evils of cannabis -- potency, effect on driving, the usual stuff -- while serving as a paid consultant to Purdue Pharma, who just happens to make a lovely little painkiller called oxycontin. As everyone knows, the opioid painkiller industry is a multi-billion dollar business that causes about 16,000 deaths a year, more than heroin and cocaine combined. The fact that a far safer alternative such as marijuana has caused NO known overdose deaths may help turn this matchup into an upset.

Its choosing time.

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