2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - East Region


#3 Kimberly Hartke

I was going to write something mean, but what she writes on her blog should be enough to make you feel the same way we do! She wrote 10 Myths Marijuana Advocates Want You to Believethats full of misinformation, fear mongering and outright lies. Worst. List. Ever. And possibly the worst person ever.

#7 Sunny Hostin

Hostin loves to play the "pot is a gateway drug," card. By legalizing the drug, she says, we would be effectively telling our children it’s OK to “dissociate” and “not be in our right frame of mind.” She asked, “What’s next? Should we legalize, like, mushrooms because that’s groovy. Should we legalize cocaine?” This former federal prosecutor that argues that small amounts of marijuana should get you more than a civil citation in New York City saying; “It’s not innocuous, because it’s illegal.” She's so crazy even Whoopi Goldberg had enough of her nonsense and told her so! 

Its choosing time.

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