2015 Reefer Madness: RD 1 - East Region

The #1 seed in the East Region is Maryland Congressman Andy Harris.  Mr. Harris almost single-handedly prevented the sensible regulation of legal cannabis in Washington D.C.  It was Mr Harris who introduced language into the 2015 federal budget prohibiting the use of city funds to carry out the will of more than 70% of voters.  He also tried to block the decriminalization of cannabis in our nation's capital, obviously preferring that we continue putting D.C.'s black citizens in jail at 9 times the rate of their white, pot-loving counterparts.

Russian Health Minister, and #8 seed, Yevgeny Bryun recently warned that American's are all doomed to become drug addicts if we legalize cannabis.  Given the rampant alcohol abuse in his country, that makes this man's Reefer Madness especially wicked.  Thanks for the advice Yevgeny, but we'll pass.

Its choosing time.

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