Where do the 2017 candidates for Governor of Virginia stand on marijuana policy reform?


Candidates for Governor of Virginia

Northam.jpg yes.jpg yes.jpg
Ralph Northam (D) Decrim Medical
Periello.jpg yes.jpg yes.jpg
Tom Perriello (D) Decrim Medical
Wagner.png yes.jpg unclear.jpg
Frank Wagner (R) Decrim Medical
Stewart.png yes.jpg unclear.jpg
Corey Stewart (R) Decrim Medical
Gillespie.png no.jpg unclear.jpg
Ed Gillespie (R) Decrim Medical


Candidates for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

fairfax.jpg yes.jpg yes.jpg
Justin Fairfax (D) Decrim Medical
Platt.png yes.jpg yes.jpg
Susan Platt (D)  Decrim Medical
Rossi.png yes.jpg yes.jpg
Gene Rossi (D) Decrim Medical
vogel.png no.jpg yes.jpg
Jill Vogel (R) Decrim Medical
davis.png no.jpg yes.jpg
Glenn Davis (R) Decrim Medical
reeves.png no.jpg no.jpg
Bryce Reeves (R) Decrim Medical


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