2015 Reefer Madness: FRANTIC FOUR - South VS West


#1 Nancy Grace (Nancy Grace defeated Calvina Fay in the Round of CRAZY 8s)

Nancy Grace has been destroying her opponents one by one. First she rocked #8 John Fleming's world. Then she embarrassed #3 Trey Gowdy in the second round. But Nancy really hit her stride against Calvina Fay in the Round of CRAZY 8s, ensuring her position as the craziest lady in the tournament.

#4 Robert Goodlatte (Robert Goodlatte defeated Chris Christie in the Round of CRAZY 8s)

Bob Goodlatte pulled off the upset of the tournament in the Round of CRAZY 8s by defeating #1 Chris Christie. Luckily for Bob, the round ended a few days before Christie was quoted in the national news stating that he would crack down on marijuana if he became President of the United States. Wow. What a buzzer beater! Unfortunately for Mr Goodlatte, Nancy Grace is sure to bring the pain in this FRANTIC FOUR match-up. Will his luck run out? You decide!

It's choosing time.

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