2015 Reefer Madness: FRANTIC FOUR - East VS North


#1 Kevin Sabet (Kevin Sabet defeated William Bennett in the Round of CRAZY 8s)

Kevin Sabet, our top seed in the East, blew through the competition to get to the Frantic Four. He blew out #8 Steve Doocy in the opening round, beat down #3 Stuart Gitlow in Round 2 and finally put #2 William Bennett out of his misery in the Round of CRAZY 8s. There's no doubt this man is a threat to the overall health and safety of the American people. But is that enough to overcome #4 Sheldon Adelson's billions? You decide.

#4 Sheldon Adelson (Sheldon Adelson defeated Andy Harris in the Round of CRAZY 8s)

Sheldon Adelson and his money have been wreaking havoc in the tournament's toughest region. This wicked little man defeated #5 Andrew Cuomo in Round 1, #2 Nora Volkow in the 2nd and #1 Andy Harris in the Round of CRAZY 8s. Is he evil enough to take down Kevin Sabet as well? Let's find out. Vote now!

It's choosing time.

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