2015 Reefer Madness: CHAMPIONSHIP


Finally, we have the match-up we've all been waiting for...a clash of Reefer Madness Titans. #1 Nancy Grace VS. #1 Kevin Sabet. Its the 2015 Reefer Madness Championship. This is for all the marbles. Who's the Most Twisted? You decide!

#1 Nancy Grace - WEST REGION

Nancy is a Reefer Madness juggernaut. This woman is SO ridiculous, that she might actually be helping the cause of legalization more than hurting it. Millions of people have already seen her go off the deep end with some of the most bizarre rantings against marijuana use in the history of television.  Let's see what The Young Turks had to say about Ms Grace...

But what takes this to a whole new level of crazy is her utter lack of consistency. If she wasn't seen by so many people we might have decided to just ignore her.

Nancy Grace has been destroying her opponents one by one. First she rocked #8 John Fleming's world. Then she embarrassed #3 Trey Gowdy in the second round. But Nancy really hit her stride against Calvina Fay in the Round of CRAZY 8s, ensuring her position as the craziest lady in the tournament. Ms. Grace's final victim before this championship match-up was against #4 Robert Goodlatte where she tossed this man the whooping he deserved by garnering 80% of the vote. Does this crazy women have anything left in the tank for #1 Kevin Sabet?

#1 Kevin Sabet - NORTH REGION

When it comes to the topic of cannabis, there is no more prolific liar than Kevin Sabet.  Mr. Sabet, who wrote the instant prohibitionist classic, "Reefer Sanity," is also the go-to paid speaker on the anti-marijuana lecture circuit.  In some circles he's known as the "#1 enemy of legalization."  But what makes Kevin Sabet so dangerous is the way he would have us use the coercive power of the state to force people into substance abuse rehabilitation centers, whether they need it or not.

From Alabama to Arizona, from Connecticut to Oregon, make no mistake, Kevin Sabet is a man on a mission.  And his mission is to compassionately condemn you to mandatory drug rehab.  But don't worry...its for your own good.  So for the good of our tournament, the selection committee chose Kevin Sabet as our #1 seed in the North Region.

Kevin blew through the competition to get to the Championship. He wiped out #8 Steve Doocy in the opening round, beat down #3 Stuart Gitlow in Round 2, slapped around #2 William Bennett in the Round of CRAZY 8s and finally prevailed in double overtime against possibly the world's worst person, #4 Sheldon Adelson, in the FRANTIC FOUR. There's no doubt this man should be quarantined. But is he bad enough to finally put Nancy Grace out of her Reefer Madness misery? 

It's choosing time.

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